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The New iPod Touch

Posted by Zack | Posted in Consumer Electronics | Posted on 25-09-2010

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Next Generation iPod TouchIf you had to compare the new iPod touch to any of Apple’s other products then it would most definitely be like the iPhone 4. In fact, it is almost exactly like an iPhone 4 without the phone part. The new iPod Touch is even thinner than the original, has a Retina display, Apple A4 processor, gyroscope and a digital camera on both the front and back for FaceTime.

The new iPod Touch has a huge list of features including these main ones:
– It has the iPhone’s Retina Display,  3.5-inch, IPS-based with a razor-sharp 326ppi resolution.
– Ability to record 720p HD video and take pics with the back camera.
– Ability to FaceTime with other iPod Touch devices and iPhone 4 devices using the front camera.
– Runs at the same speed as the iPhone 4 using the same Apple A4 chip.
– Incorporates the same 3-axis gyroscope of the iPhone 4 making motion tracking more precise.
– Will have iOS 4.1 built-in.
– Will have built-in speaker and microphone.

Now obviously there are some major differences in this new generation iPod Touch in comparison to the previous generation. The most notable, and most welcomed and demanded, change is definitely the two cameras. However,  the back camera can record H.264 video at 720 lines of resolution (720p) and 30 frames per second which isn’t quite as much as the iPhone 4. The front camera is identical to the iPhone 4’s capturing 30fps for videoconferencing.

One change that kind of flew under the radar is the built-in microphone. The new iPhone is there for FaceTime, but it will have a lot of other uses as well like Skype. This new feature could quite possibly turn the iPod Touch into an iPhone replacement for those of you who do not feel the need to be in constant voice contact. This is especially useful for the younger generation who spends a majority of their time texting rather than talking.

Apple has also boasted that they have increased the amount of playback time to 40 hours af audio and 7 hours of video while making the overall package smaller. The exact dimensions come in at 4.4 x 2.3 x 0.28 inches. This is significantly smaller than the previous iPod Touch’s 0.33 inches of thickness. This new generation also weighs less than the previous generation coming in at 3.56 ounces as opposed to the previous generation’s 8 ounces.

It seems that almost everything about the new iPod Touch’s features are quite a bit better than the original. The dual cameras are a huge plus as well as the quick A4 processor which is a must-have addition for gamers. In addition to the new dimensions, the iPod Touch 4th generation seems like a very good upgrade for most users, as long as it lives up to a real world test. There is, however, one disappointment amongst iPod users which is the low resolution back camera. In order to get a good camera sensor you will have to pay the iPhone 4 premium price.

All in all if you are in the market for an iPod upgrade or are just looking to purchase your first iPod, then the new generation iPod Touch is a perfect choice. You can get yours when they go on sale soon.

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