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The iPhone 4S Still Going Strong

ChangeWave recently released some new data that revealed that 56% of the people that were polled that plan on buying a smartphone in the next 3 months have decided that they will choose to go with Apple’s newest handheld, the iPhone 4S. This is a 2% increase from the 54% who planned to buy an...

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case-mate’s Bounce Case for the iPhone 4

Posted by Zack | Posted in Consumer Electronics | Posted on 22-11-2010


What is the first thing many people do when they drop their dough on a fancy new iPhone? Buy a case. Why spend all that money on a device if you are going to carry it around with you willy nilly, open to all the hazards of everyday life? Well, for all of you out there who haven’t thrown down the money for a case, then you will be pleased to know that the new Bounce case is available for purchase, in perfect time for the holiday season I might add.

Bounce, for those of you who don’t know, is the stylish new radiation-reducing collection of smartphone cases coming from Case-mate. The company, known for their innovative accessories which protect, adorn and enhance smartphones, have developed the Bounce case in partnership with Pong, a global leader in technologies that protect people from radiation exposure.

The Bounce case is available in a plethora of different colors and is made of patented technology that “bounces” (see what I did there?) radiation away from the person using their cell phone. These cases have been through rigorous testing by the FCC in which they proved to redirect 60% of normal cell phone radiation as well as 85% of hotspot radiation away from users while still being able to maintain a full wireless signal.

According to Erik Attkisson, Chief Marketing Officer of Case-mate, “Case-mate is delighted to offer consumers a collection of cases that protect both their smartphones and their health. With Bounce we’re providing consumers with a new level of prevention, while delivering the style factor they have come to expect from Case-mate.”

Kevin Passarello, President of Pong, had this to say on the Bounce, “We are proud to be the leading manufacturer of mobile device accessories that address concerns of environmental health. By partnering with Case-mate, we are able to take our radiation-reducing cases to a new level with the best-in-class design.”

Bounce features a number of innovative features like: a paper-thin internal circuit board that deflects away from the user at least 60% of constant radiation and also redirects 85% of hotspot radiation, a variety of colors including pink, green, black and gray, a sleek design and ground breaking radiation-reducing technology, FCC-certified and impact resistant.

The Bounce case is available now for the iPhone 4 and will soon be available for the BlackBerry 8520, 9650 and 9700. You can pick up your Bounce case from case-mate’s website for a $49.99 price tag and as a bonus Case-mate is throwing in a free screen protection kit.

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Apple Ends Sales of Xserve

Posted by Zack | Posted in Consumer Electronics | Posted on 06-11-2010


If you are still trying to figure out whether or not Apple is a consumer-based company first and foremost, then put your questions aside because the Cupertino team has decided to completely discontinue all sales of its Xserve enterprise server offering.

Consumers will no longer be able to purchase the rack mountable processing powerhouse after January 31, 2011. The good news is that anybody who has an Xserve will continue to experience full support for the device from Apple. This means that any and all warranties and extended service programs will still be honored.

But there is still a problem for people who will wish to continue using OS X in their servers. Well, Apple has a response to that as well. To lighten the blow to those who refuse to give up their OS X, Apple has put together a “transition guide”, so to speak, which advises that users should eventually switch over to the Mac Pro or the Mac Mini.

The good thing about the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini is that both of them come with the option to have Snow Leopard Server already installed before you begin using the devices. However, not too many people are thrilled about the Mac Mini, so it is probably a safe bet to say that you will be going with the Mac Pro.

While many people will undoubtedly be upset that Apple is discontinuing service of the Xserve, the fact that the company will be continuing to grant full service to the device to all customers who own one says a lot about Steve Jobs and Apple.

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