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If you are an avid Apple user, then you probably know that the iPhone 5s features a new way to secure your phone. Instead of having to type in a passcode, the iPhone now has a touch ID sensor, which allows you to scan your fingerprint, and use that as a secure way to access your phone. Like you would...

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EdgeCast and Apple Devices In Tandem

Posted by jhamm | Posted in Consumer Electronics | Posted on 21-12-2010


EdgeCast streaming customers can now stream to Apple iOS 4 devices, which include the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. “Supporting video on demand and live streaming to iOS devices builds on our commitment to ensuring that our customers can deliver content to any user regardless of their format, location, or device,” said Ted Middleton, vice president of product management at EdgeCast Networks. Companies can now stream audio and video at very high speeds to any users of Apple devices; and audio and video can be delivered in a multiplicity of forms, whether streaming, delivering ‘live events’ or sending content that is fully encrypted.

EdgeCast’s intelligent dynamic stream technology is supported by the media player that is pre-packaged into Apple device software. One of the most important ways that the technology operates in tandem with Apple iOS 4 is that the given Apple device will automatically toggle between bit rates, relative to the device’s speed of connection at any given moment. Ideally, this would result in a clear and steady picture, since the audio or visual quality itself would not suffer as the connection strength is enervated by any number of causes.

Another virtuous function of EdgeCast’s tandem with Apple devices is that it also automatically routes users to the streaming server fastest for them. So if you find yourself within the broadcast area of many possible connections to the web with your Apple device, having to choose one on the basis of fiat while hoping that you have chosen the best possible connection is no longer compulsory, at least if the Apple device user is also a user of EdgeCast. This simply expedites business done with your Apple device while in transit, both by virtue of not having to sift through connections and the fact that the best possible connection is chosen by the technology itself.

These two functions of the EdgeCast-Apple tandem prove very useful for in-transit situations, where one might be on a bus, riding in a cab, or on a layover in the airport; the reason being obvious, the fact that while moving one’s possible connections change as well. With one function that adjusts the bit rates of streamed audio and video and another that automatically connects to the optimal connection of all possible connections at a given time, EdgeCast’s tandem with Apple devices should prove to be a very virtuous one.

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