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First iPad 2 Defects Arrive as Backlight Bleeding Issues

Posted by Zack | Posted in Consumer Electronics | Posted on 12-03-2011

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Apple iPad 2Hey, everybody! The second generation of the Apple iPad┬ácame out and guess what!? It has problems….. Yes, that’s right, the newest toy from Steve Jobs and Apple has officially launched and reports are already streaming in about problems. One of the first reported problems has to do with the backlight supposedly “bleeding”. But that isn’t the only issue. Another issue being reported by users is yellow spots appearing beneath the LCD glass.

The yellow spots seem to be reminiscent of the same problems that plagued the fresh-from-the-factory iPhone 4 devices. However, that was easily resolved as soon as the bonding agent used to hold the LCD glass in place evaporated. But this article isn’t about spots, it’s about bleeding.

There appears to be some light bleeding through from the outer edges of the LCD panel on some iPad 2 devices. It is primarily noticeable when you are watching a dark scene in a movie or using an application with a black background.

There is, however, good news. This problem can easily be fixed by adjusting the brightness of your iPad 2. However, this could also make it worse depending on which way you adjust it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem to be so much of a major problem as it does an inconvenience or annoyance.

The iPad 2 is barely out of the womb, so to speak, and is already facing trouble. Hopefully trouble does not resume on the device considering the hype surrounding it and the intense desire by people to get their hands on one.

What do you think? Is the iPad 2 and all its glory worth the waiting in line and the price tag? Or, if you already have an iPad 2, are you experiencing any yellow spots or bleeding from the LCD glass? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Engadget – Is your iPad2 backlight bleeding?

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just got my iPad 2 this morning, there’s no yellow spots, but i do have the light bleeding on the bottom screen, very disappointed in Apple..

I am personally disappointed having to wait for 5 hours in a cold damp basement garage that was filthy to spend my hard earned money (i have been a supporter of iphones since the start, and i have owned one of each so far till now) i waited 12 hours to get iphone 4, and it was worth it. after waiting on line for 5 hours they ran out of ipad 2 in any color for wifi-3g at&t and i was sent away empty handed. they didnt even try or offer my a sip as soon as the next lot comes out. now i am reading about the “screen bleeding” issue and how people are returning devices and having it replaced some times 3 times in a row? wait a minute, I though they were sold out? unless it is a verizon version well ok then… why didnt i get one of those? because i grandfathered the unlimited plan for 30 bucks and im not giving that up.. i also purchased the macbook air-top of the line almost 2000.00, its just an ipad with a keyboard. took that back in 2 days, not worth the money for something that cant grow any more than it is off the shelf. the macbook air had great technology, but it is not a macbook pro or a macbook. its more like a light weight netbook as told to me by one of apples associates.
Anyway i have lost track, Apple, if your listening, with all your technology, do you think you can find a way to sell a product without having people stand online like they are a bunch of beggers looking for a handout? Also…. you greedy finger corporate paper pushers who had send american jobs out of the us… thank you. well, the people who dont have jobs will never get to try your product. as a matter a fact corporate downsizing does not help the economy, it grinds it to a halt. less people working= less money spent=less money for you. yeah you save money getting it built cheap over seas, but there will be a price! PRICELESS!!

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