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After a Victory Over Samsung, Apple Turns Its Sights on Google

Posted by Zack | Posted in Consumer Electronics | Posted on 28-08-2012

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Apple vs GoogleFresh off its $1.05 billion patent lawsuit victory over Samsung, Apple is turning its sights on another tech giant, this one a little bigger than Samsung, however. After suing the crap out of Samsung for patent infringement, Apple CEO Tim Cook is reportedly in talks with Google CEO Larry Page about numerous intellectual property matters, including those at the center of the ongoing patent disputes between both companies.

These talks, which have taken place sort of secretively, began last week over the phone and will continue in the coming weeks. In addition to that, discussions involving lower-level executives for both companies are also being conducted. Cook has always said that these patent suits, including the one against Samsung, weren’t about attacking Android, which the late CEO Steve Jobs vowed.

Instead, Cook claims that the suits are to protect Apple’s properties. However, there is a fear now that the ruling laid forth last week has set the stage for additional lawsuits against other Android device makers. According to a statement from Google about the Apple-Samsung verdict, “The court of appeals will review both infringement and the validity of the patent claims.”

Google also added, “Most of these don’t relate to the core Android operating system, and several are being re-examined by the US Patent Office. The mobile industry is moving fast and all players — including newcomers — are building upon ideas that have been around for decades. We work with our partners to give consumers innovative and affordable products, and we don’t want anything to limit that.”

However, Google and Apple are discussing infringement issues in private. One possible scenario, according to sources, that is being contemplated by the two companies could be an actual truce involving disputes over basic Android features and functions. Unfortunately, it is still unclear if the two CEOs are discussing a broad settlement covering a wide array of disputes or are focusing on a more limited set of issues.

With the recent win over Samsung, Apple may be feeling pretty good about itself, which could be why it has decided to take on Google. The problem here is that Google is a little more powerful than Samsung. I’m curious to see if Apple will be able to give a one-two punch right to the face of Android by taking down Google right after defeating Samsung.

Source: Tom’s Hardware – Google and Apple CEOs Talking Over Patent Issues


Judge Pleads with Samsung and Apple to Talk It Out

Posted by Zack | Posted in Consumer Electronics | Posted on 14-08-2012

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Tim Cook and Choi Gee-SungThe Federal Judge who is overseeing the insane patent feud between Apple and Samsung has requested that the Chief Executives of both companies sit down and talk one more time to try and settle the case before it is handed over to a jury. Judge Lucy Koh recently warned lawyers for both parties that she “sees risks here for both sides” in handing the case to the jury, made up of nine individuals, which is set to begin deliberations next week.

Thankfully, the lawyers agreed that the CEOs of both companies would attempt to talk. However, outside lawyers and patent experts that have been following the case believe that an 11th hour breakthrough isn’t likely. According to intellectual property consultant Florian Mueller, “I don’t think this dispute is ripe for a settlement.” Mueller also says that both sides have too much stake in the case.

The case itself is in its third week of trial and has prompted disclosures about meetings between the companies in 2010, after Apple approached Samsung with concerns about patent infringement. Judge Koh requested a pretrial meeting back in May between CEO of Apple Tim Cook and CEO of Samsung Choi Gee-Sung, to which both parties complied.

Unfortunately, that meeting, along with many other attempts, failed to result in a deal between the two companies. In addition to that, Judge Koh has been impatient with both sides and has suggested that both companies have already accomplished a lot by taking the trial this far, including raising awareness of their intellectual properties. According to Koh, “In many respects, it is mission accomplished and time for peace.”

To be honest, I agree with Judge Koh. I think this patent suit has gone on long enough and that the case can only end badly for both sides. The real question is which side will suffer the most. Samsung seems to be the one suffering the most at this very moment, though who knows what the jury will decide when they call out that final verdict.

Source: The Wall Street Journal – Samsung, Apple Urged to Talk