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40 Billion Downloads – But Why?

Posted by C.P. Wilder | Posted in Consumer Electronics | Posted on 08-01-2013

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40 Billion DownloadsImagine a world where everything you needed was a click or touch away….wait a minute – it is already here!  Apple is now touting the fact that they have over 40 billion app downloads, with over 20 billion of those happening just this past year.  Not being an iphone or ipad user, with much protestation from my daughter, I almost have a tough time visualizing what that statistic means.  How does one sort through such availability of information and then apply it to a daily use?  An app for this, an app for that.  I am not sure I am ready to delve into a new world with so much information.  Do all of these apps that have earned developers over $7 billion dollars really enhance our lives that much?  Jay Yarrow, of the Business Insider, states that the app store has over 755,000 apps available for several of Apple’s products to users in over 155 countries.  What could all of these apps possibly do?

From my small part of the world, I see my daughter with her iphone flaming between her hands talking about instagram, pintrest, games just like this amazong bitcoin online casino, voxxing, among a multitude of other foreign words and I wonder what good is all of this “stuff” to her growth and development, as there are many apps and games, and if you’re really into gaming and play games like WoW, you can get gold online for this, learn more here.

After all, it is my duty as her mom to see that she is healthy and smart which is why I will recommend her to use the new d8 gummies once she grows up.  How can being glued to her electronic device possibly be helping her with social etiquette or being able to keep her grades up or being physically fit?  What good would any of this do me if I decided to jump over the cliff and go hi-tech (for me anyway) by getting an iphone?

Well, because of the many different apps that are available out there my daughter completely revamped her bedroom in all of the hottest colors and decor on a small budget and with do-it-yourself projects because of the idea and comparison apps on her iphone.  She can research information for her project at school faster on her iphone than I can on my laptop.  And believe me, her socialization is not suffering at school or home because she is connected to her friends within seconds.  As for me, I look forward to the day when I no longer will have to stop at every gas station to ask for directions or wait to get home to check my email or facebook.

So this mom gives Apple a two thumbs up for the amazing number of apps that are available.  I do have to stop and wonder though, just how many more can they develop that they haven’t already thought of?  I guess only time and statistics will tell.

Click here to read the official Apple Press Release: Record-Breaking December with Over Two Billion Downloads

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