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Next Generation iPod Nano May Have Camera According to Leaked Pics

Posted by Zack | Posted in Consumer Electronics | Posted on 01-02-2012

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iPod Nano CameraThere are always rumors circulating about Apple products. The lastest one comes in the form of an iPod Nano rumor. The rumor claims that the 7th generation Nano will be coming with a camera. That rumor isn’t new, though it has picked up a lot of steam recently thanks to some new pictures that leaked on a Taiwanese Apple site.

The first hint of a camera on the new Nano broke last April and this rumor was promptly followed up in May when some more pics surfaced. In both cases the images came from Apple.pro, an Apple site based in Taiwan, and the site appears to have revealed even more pictures of the rumored device.

The pictures make it seem like the Nano will keep the smaller (crappier) size and shape which it has had for the past two generations with the inclusion of the camera that will protrude from the back of the Nano instead of being flush, like you would see on a smartphone.

The one thing that is unclear is if these pictures are of a scrapped prototype or an actual new generation of the iPod Nano. The other thing that is up in the air is whether or not people would want a camera on a device this small. I can’t see there being much desire for one, especially considering that the screen you would be viewing the pictures on would be extremely small.

Maybe if Apple had stuck with the older version of the Nano, the one that was still very slim but was equivalent to about 2.5 to 3 of the current Nanos stacked end-to-end then there would be reason for the camera. But considering the Nano is now basically a Shuffle with a screen, it doesn’t make much sense, at least that’s how I see it.

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